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Rank Web Host Price Space Transfer Domains MoneyBack Website
1 FatCow $3.15 Unlim GB Unlim GB Unlim 30-day Visit Site
2 JustHost $2.95!!! Unlim Unlim Unlim 30-day Visit Site
3 GoDaddy $1.00 10 GB Unlim 1 30-day Visit Site
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What the Reviewers Say:
This is one of the fastest growing free web hosts on the net. Because their name is so short and they provide subdomains, you end up with some of the shortest URLs possible without registering your own domain ( provide some excellent site building and file management tools and enough help that even a novice can get off to a good start here with no experience. Although we'd always like to see more, 20mb is an adequate amount of web space for almost all purposes, allowing over 2000 pages of text or 500 photos. Send us your review

Selected User Review:
Hi! I just wanted to write and tell you about my experiences with I have set up a site there for my mother's cookbook, "Microwave Cooking for One" ( This is my first web site. I was already familiar with Microsoft Publisher2000 because I use it in my work, so that's what I used to design my site. I can't comment on the online resources for free web page building, because I didn't use them, but if they are anything like the other resources available at, I am sure they are excellent. When it came time to publish my site, I chose because it was the first site on your list that you rated "5/5." Perhaps, I should have done a little bit of research first, but I logged in, found the name I wanted was available, and just moved forward. I ran into a little trouble when I tried to upload my files the first time (which I attribute to my being a novice), but the excellent online help quickly assisted me in identifying what I did wrong, and sooner than I would have ever believed, I actually had a web site up and running. The online help in registering my site with search engines pointed me in the right direction, and the ability to create email accounts is great. I have several now, which I use for different tasks ... one for registering with search engines, one for signing guests books at related sites, etc. The feature I like best of all is the online statistics. I can easily determine how many visits I've had, where the visitors came from, what pages they viewed, etc. They even provided me with the tools to create my own guestbook! Everything hasn't been absolutely smooth sailing, but when there was trouble (I was unable to access my free website for a while), and I wrote them an email, I received a courteous reply back letting me know that they were aware of the problem and that my site was getting individual attention by the system administrators. The problem was quickly corrected, and I haven't experienced any trouble since. All in all, I am extremely pleased with my experience at I'm more than happy for them to display their banner promoting at the top of my pages! It's such a small price to play for all the wonderful resources they provide. When I think of all the time I have spent registering with search engines, and promoting my site every way I can think of, I am glad that I found a good home right out of the starting gate. I shudder to think of all that lost work, if I had to go somewhere else and start all over again. Thank you for having listed them at your site. I sure am glad I found! Sincerely, Tracy V Grant.

20m Specifications:
Sites Allowed: Personal
Your Address: 
Free Web Space: 20mb
Banner Ad: Banner at top
Upload Method:  FTP or Browser
Extras: Email, Chat, instant messaging
Subdomains with your name first

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